The banner of TradeWind Films is an international, cross-cultural production company that produces prime time content and TV commercials. Derek is  based in the United States, but has made his mark specializing in production services and original content in the African market and diaspora. He believes in the power of the second screen and globalization of content and have project offices in the heart of African filmmaking, Cape Town, South Africa, as well as its largest content market, Lagos, Nigeria. Regardless of the location, we guarantee only the highest quality of international production standards. His work includes TV series, commercials, Web series, branded content, and live events. Our Services break down into 4 essential areas: Production Services/Fixing, Content Creation, Writing, and Network Consulting.

Production Services and Fixing

Derek is available to serve as a freehand fixer or can bring in a team and act as a production services company.  As a company, we offer a variety of production services to fit your company’s needs and budget, whether you need a fixer to handle logistics or a full blown creative team. Internationally, we are Africa experts with offices the African production capitols of Cape Town, South Africa and Lagos, Nigeria. In addition to our television production , we have experience in commercials and advertisements, music videos, live event production, digital content, branded content, and corporate videos. As an international production company, we are also experienced in working on ground with local crews as well as the budget and logistical challenges that are faced when producing in different parts of the world. Over the years we have produced content in over 30 countries and on every major continent  worldwide. Whether it’s a producer needed to plan and execute your project, a camera crew for the shoot day, or an entire production team to take your project from the initial idea to delivery, TradeWind Films can provide a world class team of experienced industry veterans.

Content Creation

At our core, Derek is a storyteller. Whether it’s a TV series, short film, or feature, it all breaks down to storytelling. Filmmakers are the modern Homer’s, the modern Shakespeare’s, the modern Jules Verne’s. We simply have better equipment. As a company, TradeWind Films has either created stories or partnered with a number of  other production companies to help tell their stories. From the original concept, we can write produce and put the finish gin touches on any project, from pitch to pilot to web series or film.  As an international production company that specializes in Africa, we also have a slate of programs in different formats and genres, from reality to talk shows to scripted, that we have developed for the African market.


As the son of a writer, the foundations of storytelling were drilled into Derek’s head from a. young age. Over the years, this led to writing paid programming adverts, commercials, advertorials, and original content. Derek currently has multiple feature film scripts optioned as well as a scripted TV series. Derek’s work has been well reviewed on the Hollywood site BLKCLST.

The review of his dance film Move stated, “Lively, original, and surprisingly powerful, this coming-of-age teen drama highlights the healing and redemptive power of music, culture, and family, and in doing so manages to strike at the heart of the human condition.”

A review of his immigration drama the Border stated, ” The characterization, world-building, research and tone here are all on point. Both Juan and Bill come off strongly empathetic as protagonists. In particular, Bill’s relationship with Kelly shines brightly as an example of how to construct an empathetic man from red state America without resorting to over-simplifications or clichés.”

Currently, Derek is working on a non-fiction book and a small independent script. Writing samples are available for interested parties and Derek is available as a writer for hire.

Television Network Consulting

Derek also offers consulting, analysis, implementation and training services for your television network. Using our team of experienced industry veterans, from producers to studio engineers he is available to develop a full detailed analysis of your company as well as a recommended plan of action to improve your production quality, efficiency, and revenue. In addition, he will also provide consulting guidance through the implementation process of our recommended changes. Derek can also offer short or long term employees to work within your network to  both train and help effect the desired changes on a departmental level. His consulting services have been used by both current and future African television networks.

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