Derek Baum

Executive Producer

Derek Baum is an experienced writer, producer, and director with a passion for storytelling. He began his career producing and directing over 500 paid-programming adverts (domestically and internationally produced), winning two Telly Awards for his critically acclaimed commercials. Along the way, his clients included Chase Blueprint, Domino’s Pizza, and Jiffy Lube among others. While continuing to create award winning commercials, he created and produced the docu-series, Hoops Academy, which documented the high stakes drama of high school basketball in the states while following Montrose Christian School during their Derek Baumchampionship season of 2011. The series aired in prime-time nationally on Fox Sports in Spring 2011 and was praised by many critics as the best basketball documentary since Hoop Dreams. Further, he directed the pilots for Champagne Travel on a White Wine Budget (Venture Channel) and TK’s World (Sobe Films.) Additionally, Derek served as producer on the hit series Swamp Wars (Discovery) and numerous other music videos, live events, and web based original content. Overall, Derek’s productions have been seen on WE, Travel Channel, ION, Oxygen, The Africa Channel, Fox Sports, Venture Channel, Animal Planet and Discovery Channel.

Taking on a new challenge, he has spent much of the last 7 years as an international production consultant and expanded his work into the African market, producing and consulting in Lagos, Nigeria and Cape Town, South Africa. Africa is considered the next great digital market, as evidence by the expansion of Netflix and Canal Plus into the continent, and TradeWind Films is now firmly entrenched as African content grows onto the world’s stage. Derek has consulted to multiple companies in Nollywood, the second largest film market in the world according to UNESCO. Further, TradeWind Films handled all the African production for the documentary film CODEGIRL, which can be seen on Netflix, as well as the Sensodyne Commercial campaign in Nigeria. Derek and his on-ground team have carved out a great reputation of being able to work within the African market to deliver authentic, African based content at top international broadcast quality levels. Derek is known for his uncompromising belief in top quality production, a firm grasp of the latest in television and commercial trends, and an ability to adapt and deliver in all the various production environments found across the globe. At heart though, Derek is a consummate storyteller whose goal is to tell stories of value that both entertain and inspire.